FALL 2022 Schedule
DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationResult
9/1711:00aGreen BayMuskegoScray Hill ParkGB 36-7
9/1711:00aPulaskiSPASHPittsfield Community CenterSPASH 28-0
9/1710:00aDSHA BHamiltonDretzka ParkHAM 38-0
9/1710:00aBruisersFuriesNashotah ParkBR 50-5
9/2410:00aFuriesCMHCottage Grove CMH 28-0
9/2410:00aDSHA AGreen BayDretzka ParkDS 50-14
9/2411:30aDSHA BBruisersDretzka ParkTIE 17-17
9/2410:00aSPASHMuskego600 Maria Dr.SPASH 27-7
9/305:00pCMHDSHA BMinooka ParkDSB 31-20
10/110:00aSPASHGreen Bay600 Maria Dr.SPASH 39-24
10/110:00aPulaskiDSHA APittsfield Community CenterDS 28-0
10/110:00aHamiltonBruisersNashotah ParkHAM 31-7
10/810:00aDSHA ASPASHDretzka ParkDS 76-0
10/811:30aDSHA BFuriesDretzka ParkDSB 28-0
10/810:00aHamiltonCMHNashotah ParkHAM 53-7
10/810:00aMuskegoPulaskiMuskego High SchoolMUSK 28-0
10/1510:00aMuskegoDSHA AMuskego High SchoolDS 60-0
10/1510:00aGreen BayPulaskiScray Hill ParkGB 28-0
10/1510:00aCMHBruisersMinooka ParkBR 15-7
10/1510:00aFuries HamiltonCottage GroveHAM 28-0
10/2210:00aDSHA A (TO1)Bruisers (*JN2)Cottage GroveDS 39-0
10/2210:00aGreen Bay
Cottage GroveCMH 68-12
Cottage GroveHAM 67-5
10/2211:15aDSHA B
Cottage GroveDS B 52 -32
10/301:30pGreen BayMuskegoMilwaukee County
Sports Complex
State – 7th
10/303:00pDSHA BCMHMilwaukee County
Sports Complex
State – 5th
10/304:30pBruisersSPASHMilwaukee County
Sports Complex
State – 3rd
10/306:00pDSHA AHamiltonMilwaukee County
Sports Complex
State – 1st
*due to league policy that DSHA A and DSHA B will not play each other, 2nd place in Jeff Noe Conference goes to next best team*

FALL 2021 Schedule

DateTimeAway TeamHome TeamLocationResult
9/115:00pDSHA ABrookfieldGun ClubDSH 27-5
9/119:00aCMHMuskegoBluhm ParkCMH 60-0
9/1110:00aKettle MoraineGreen BayScray Hill ParkGRB 39-0
9/11NoonStevens PointHamiltonNashotah ParkHAM 59-10
9/189:00aMuskegoDSHA BDretzka ParkDSH 64-0
9/1810:00aBrookfieldKettle MoraineNashotah ParkBRK 68-0
9/1811:00aMadisonDSHA ADretzka ParkDSH 70-5
9/18NoonCMHStevens Point600 Maria Dr.MOVED TO 10/02
9/245:00pDSHA BCMHMinooka ParkCMH 72-0
9/259:00aHamiltonMuskegoBluhm ParkHAM 71-0
9/2511:00aBrookfieldMadisonCottage GroveBRK 50-10
9/2511:00aGreen BayDSHA ADretzka ParkDSH 48-5
10/02NoonCMHStevens Point600 Maria Dr.CMH 24-17
10/075:15pHamiltonDSHA BDretzka ParkHAM 36-0
10/0911:00aGreen BayBrookfieldGun ClubGRB 24-17
10/0911:00aMadisonKettle MoraineNashotahKM 25-0
10/09NoonMuskegoStevens Point600 Maria Dr.SVP 81-0
10/1610:00aKettle MoraineDSHA ADretzka ParkDSH 70-0
10/1610:00aCMHHamiltonCentennial ParkCMH 26-24
10/16NoonStevens PointDSHA BDretzka ParkSVP 28-5
10/163:00pMadisonGreen BayCapital Credit Union ParkGRB 27-22
10/2412:30pMuskegoGreen BayCottage GroveCANCELED
10/2412:30pStevens Point BHamilton BCottage GroveSVP B 75-0
10/242:00pHamilton ADSHA ACottage GroveDSH A 22-17
10/242:00pStevens Point AKettle MoraineCottage GroveSVP A 74-0
10/244:00pGreen BayCMHCottage GroveCMH 67-0
10/244:00pBrookfieldDSHA BCottage GroveBRK 22-5
10/3112:00pMuskegoMadisonMilwaukee Sports ComplexState- 9th
10/311:30pKettle MoraineDSHA BMilwaukee Sports ComplexState- 7th
10/313:00pBrookfieldStevens PointMilwaukee Sports ComplexState- 5th
10/314:30pGreen BayHamiltonMilwaukee Sports ComplexState- 3rd
10/316:00pCMHDSHA AMilwaukee Sports ComplexState- 1st

SPRING 2021 Schedule

04/24/21Kathy Cup 7sPulaski (Green Bay)
05/01/21Foley Memorial 10sCMH
05/08/21Wisco 7s (Event One)Cottage Grove
05/15/21Wisco 7s (Event Two)Nashotah Park
06/05/21Wisco 7s (Event Three)Oshkosh

FALL 2019 Schedule


State Championship Semi-finals:

Kettle Moraine @ CMH (Friday, 10/18 4:30pm, Minooka Park)

SPASH @ DSHA (Saturday, 10/19 11:00am, Dretzka Park)

Consolation Semi-finals:

Bruisers @ Hamilton (Saturday, 10/19 10:00am, Halquist Youth Complex)

Pulaski @ DSHA JV (Saturday, 10/19 12:30pm, Dretzka Park)

WGR State Championships

Sunday, October 27th
Milwaukee County Sports Complex

11:45 am JV 7s: Hamilton vs CMH
12:15 pm 9th Place Match: Oak Creek vs Furies
1:30pm 7th Place Match: Bruisers vs DSHA B
3:00pm 5th Place Match: Hamilton vs Pulaski
4:30pm 3rd Place Match: Knightmares vs SPASH
6:00pm Championship Match: DSHA A vs CMH