The league has recommend that all teams create their own contingency plan for dealing with the novel coronavirus this spring. Parents should contact team leaders directly with questions about those plans.

Currently, the league has not made a decision on how coronavirus will affect the 2020 Wisco-7s series, slated to start on April 18th.

All attempts will be made to provide meaningful rugby for our players this spring. Wisco-7s host programs, along with the league president, will review the actions and recommendations of the CDC, WI DPI, and local school districts at the end of March to determine if it is safe for players, coaches, officials, and fans to run an upcoming Wisco-7s event. If not, the president and programs may decide to move the venue, the date of the event, or cancel the event altogether. Host sites will be reimbursed for any essential costs that could not be refunded (e.g. site rental) but will not refunded any extraneous costs (e.g. t-shirts or medals). Because of this, it is recommended that host sites avoid any discretionary spending this season. If the virus becomes more prevalent in the state, the host programs and president may decide to discontinue awarding competitive trophies this season, returning the spring to an exhibition season so that teams and players don’t feel pressured to field a competitive team when their rosters are being affected by the virus.

While the goal is to offer some rugby this spring, our primary goal is keeping our rugby family safe!