Like most sports, rugby in Wisconsin has been on an extended pause since the first COVID-19 lockdown last Spring. That changes for high school girls rugby on Saturday when the Kathy Cup becomes the first league-sanctioned event to kick-off since the pandemic struck.

Location & Parking

The Kathy Cup will take place at 5847 Airport Dr, Pulaski, WI 54162. Please park on right side of road and stay of grass with cars.


During pool play, standings are determined by earning points for the following results:

  • Win = 4 points
  • Scoring Four Tries in a Game = 1 (Bonus Point)
  • Losing by Seven or Less Points = 1 (Bonus Point)

The consolation matches, semi-finals and final will all be single-elimination.


During pool play, teams will compete against the other teams in their pool.

Pool 1

  • Hamilton-2
  • Pulaski
  • Oak Creek 

Pool 2

  • Hamilton-1
  • Banshees
  • Kettle Moraine 

Pool 3

  • Hamilton-3
  • Spash 
  • Madison


About the Kathy Cup

This tournament is held in honor of Kathy Brunette (Fran’s Mom). Kathy Van Donsel (Brunette) was a 1968 Pulaski High School Graduate. She always said if rugby was a club sport when she was in high school she would’ve been the first to sign up! Kathy and Tim raised four children (Ben, Blaine, Marguerite and Francis). Though the kids had many gifts/talents, all four of the children had a love of sports. Kathy never said “no,” and always made it possible for the kids to pursue their interests. If it weren’t for Kathy’s unwavering love, dedication and support for her children, and especially Fran, his dream of playing rugby won’t have been possible. At the time that Fran became interested in rugby, Kathy knew that Fran needed the freedom to pursue this passion and fulfill a dream to become a top-notch rugby athlete. Without Kathy’s unwavering support, this dream wouldn’t have been possible! Kathy lost her battle with cancer January 2, 2007. She has been able to watch the Pulaski organization from a great view for every match. Blessing to Kathy and all the other Kathy’s out there…… know who you are!