This weekend the second leg of the Wisconsin Girls Rugby sevens series was played at Nashotah Park.

Division 1

In division 1, the Hamilton Chargers continued their unbeaten streak but not without some drama early in the day. In match #6 (see full scores below), Brookfield and Hamilton played the entire match scoring only a single try each. Hamilton’s successful conversion kick in this match was the decider and ultimately delivered the Capati Cup.

The final score of 7-5 for the Chargers over Brookfield gives Hamilton an 8-point lead in the standings. Brookfield is the only team that can topple Hamilton heading into the final leg of the series on June 5.

Division 2

In division 2, the Madtown Furies continued their march toward the finals with a 3-1-0 record on the day. Green Bay served the Furies their first loss of the Spring season with a 19-12 scoreline. Green Bay finished the day with a 2-1-1 record while the Madison-based Furies recovered to win their next three matches and win the division.

The Furies are now ahead in the standings by 6 points over Green Bay. But with point differentials narrowing in division 2 and the lead teams showing they can be beaten, it will be exciting finish in the third leg to see who finishes in the top two spots.

WISCO 7s – Leg #3

The Spring 7s series is on a 2-week hiatus with the third and final installment coming up on 5-June.

Week 19 Results

#DivTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
11Pulaski0 – 29Brookfield 1
21Kettle Moraine5 – 47Hamilton 1
32Brookfield 215 – 15Hamilton 2
42Madison12 – 19Green Bay
51Stevens Point 126 – 10Pulaski
61Brookfield 15 – 7Hamilton 1
72Stevens Point 25 – 30Hamilton 2
82Green Bay12 – 5Brookfield 2
91Kettle Moraine22 – 20Pulaski
101Stevens Point 17 – 21Brookfield 1
112Stevens Point 20 – 27Madison
122Green Bay10 – 10Hamilton 2
131Pulaski0 – 29Hamilton 1
141Kettle Moraine17 – 7Stevens Point 1
152Stevens Point 20 – 22Brookfield 2
162Madison20 – 15Hamilton 2
171Brookfield 125 – 0Kettle Moraine
181Stevens Point 110 – 31Hamilton 1
192Stevens Point 20 – 32Green Bay
202Madison15 – 5Brookfield 2