The WGR will not enter its final week of the season with some more answers to how the playoffs will look on 10/24. DSHA has locked up the #1 spot in the Jeff Noe Conference and CMH and Hamilton, the other two unbeatens, will faceoff in the final week to determine the remaining #1 seed. The winner will face the Bruisers or Green Bay, and the loser will face DSHA in the state semi-finals.

Green Bay defeated Bruisers 24-17 | Green Bay used the last play of the game to sneak in for a try to put themsleves ahead of the Bruisers in not only the game but also the race to qualify for the last state semi-finals spot. Green Bay tries were scored by Noel, Olive, Cece, Erin. Cece also made two conversions.

Stevens Point defeated Muskego 81-0 | Stevens Point gets their largest margain of victory in team history. While a “crowded” Tony Oliver Conference will keep them out of the state semi-finals this season, they have proven themselves as one of the toughest teams in the state over their first five seasons.

Hamilton defeated DSHA B 36-0 | In a wet, rainy contest the game became a battle of forwards in the trenches. The score was 7-0, Hamilton, at half before the Chargers were able to pull away with the victory. The win allowed Hamilton to tie records for most wins in a regular season and set a record for most points scored in a season with a game in hand. With the win, Hamilton slips into first place in the Tony Oliver Conference on point differential.

Kettle Moraine defeated Madison 25-0 by forfeit | Madison was short numbers so the teams played a 10s match that Madison won 39-10.

Photos courtesy of Brian Frain, DSHA; Scott Page, SPASH; Green Bay